Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Birthday Giveaway!

November 17, 2011 marks one year since Tiny Hats Weekly started.  To celebrate we are having a big giveaway. 

* A $25 Gift Certificate from Hat and Mouse Designs.
* A tiny hat pdf template set from happythought.

To Enter:

* Leave a separate comment below about why you like tiny hats.
* Leave a separate comment below telling us what your favorite post has been so far.
* Make a Birthday card for Tiny Hats Weekly.  Upload the image to (or another picture sharing website) and then leave a comment below with the link to the image.

The contest starts October 17th and ends on November 16th.  You can enter the giveaway 3 separate times.  You must enter a comment for each entry.  One comment is only one entry.  A winner will be chose at random by a random number generator.  The winner will be announced on November 17, 2011.

For any questions concerning the Big Birthday Giveaway, please contact me at  If you are a Merchant to would like to add to the Big Birthday Giveaway prizes or set up another contest in the future, feel free to contact me as well.


  1. I like tiny hats because they are a great way to so off your style. They are unique and fun. And normal hats never fit my head.


  2. My favorite post is this one:

    because I love Harry Potter and I love these hats!

  3. I LOVE Tiny hats because they give me the look of someone else. They add more to my fashion,espcecially on Halloween. I get soo many compliments that I want more :)

  4. Happy Birthday Tiny Hats:

  5. Tiny Hats features a new stylish hats each week! I love to see what new design will be posted!

  6. Tiny hats = fashion baby!!! Add some flair to everyday style. LOVE TINY HATS!

  7. Phantom Knight Creations showcased some truely lovely hats. A little dark, just how I like em.

  8. Why do I like Tiny Hats?

    WHY NOT?!?! I LOVE them!

    (I deleted my previous comment because I mispelled just about everything! LOL)

  9. I love any of the posts that show pictures. My daughters have moved on from hairbows to Tiny Hats and we just love the varieties!

  10. I just found your hats on etsy and they are amazing. I will have to order one for our Disneyland trip this summer. Happy birthday and great work.

  11. I looove these hats!! I would totally use thewin to buy one for my best friend, it combines her faaaavorite love of small hats and disney!! PERFECT!!!!

    jrlbeale1 at gmail dot com

  12. Tiny hats are so unique and they are fantastic! They make me smile and they display a love of Disney or HP in a more subtle way

  13. The Happiest Hats on Earth
    is my favorite post because I LOVE disney and this site is how I found this blog. These are some of the cutest hats I've seen and are WAY better than the ones sold at Disney
    Kaitlin E

    Happy Birthday Tiny Hats!