Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Versatile Blogger Award

A big Thank You to Chasing Cars/Troll Bridges Studio for this.  I am very honored and flattered you like what this blog is all about.  This is an award being passed around from blogger to blogger and I am happy THW is able to be a part of this.

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you've done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

7 Random Things About Me
1. I am married to a 3D environment artist who has recently started a web comic.
2. I started this blog as a bit of a prank on a friend.
3. The girl in the first entry of THW was one of my Bridesmaids. 
4. I have 9 tattoos.
5. Writing this blog has introduced me to some truly wonderful people, like Kazu Nagahama.
6. I bought my first Tiny Hat because of this blog.  (And I love it!)
7. I like collecting vinyl figures.  (Like Moofia and Disney's Vinylmation)

15 Bloggers I choose to award are:
Enjoy Your Ban
Proud DayDreamer
Gaijin Housewife in Japan
Hawaii Kawaii
Same Shit Different Game
Latte Bunny
Ms Supper Assassina
The Observations of Storm Lowe
Moon Princess Halation
Ultimate Luxury
The Angry Historian
Crystal Pye
Beautiful Imperfections


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