Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming soon to THW: Ask Mr. Tiny Hat

Hello, all!  If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then you already know I have an announcement today.  I hope to start a new feature on the blog called Ask Mr. Tiny Hat.  The idea is that you e-mail Mr. Tiny Hat your questions and he answers them.  Pretty simple, huh?  A lot of the details are still being hammered out (whether the segment is weekly or biweekly, whether or not it should be video, etc.), but I wanted to go ahead and announce it so you could start sending your questions to Mr. Tiny Hat.

Mr. Tiny Hat is a friend of mine who is very wise.  The idea is that you can ask anything. . . and I do mean ANYTHING.  Serious and silly, nothing (aside from asking for porn and the like) is off limits.  Mr. Tiny Hat, with all of his wisdom, will answer your questions in a way only a man wearing a tiny hat can.  We will hopefully have this up and running by March, but to make it work we need your to help.  Please send your questions for Mr. Tiny Hat to:  Mr. Tiny Hat is waiting to hear from you!
Coming soon: The unveiling of Mr. Tiny Hat!


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