Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Want to Play Dress Up!

Pirate fairy or tiefling with wings?

Looking fabulous.

"Of course I am smiling!  I am wearing a tiny hat, after all!"

The beautiful thing about a tiny hat is how versatile the trend really is.  We have stated on here many times that tiny hats are great for costumes/cosplay as well as formal functions.  The pictures above feature hats from First Sight Creations.  Their tagline reads, "crafts to fall in love with," and if you love tiny hats you will.  They have many, many themes to their hats such as steampunk, fantasy, floral, and even tiny witch hats.  I think we all know by now how important I think it is not to settle with a tiny witch hat.  I love how truly happy she looks in the pictures.  If you are going to model a tiny hat, you need to look happy.  How could anyone NOT be happy wearing a tiny hat?

Some samples from First Sight Creations.
These have to be some of the better tiny witch hats I have seen so far.


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