Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiny Witches Need Love Too

A couple weeks ago I made a post that included a picture of a "tiny witch hat" that just seemed off to me.  If you missed that post, you can catch up here.  I am thankful to say that site is not the only store that has tiny witch hats.  While I was shopping for tiny hats I came across a shop called Grace of the Goddess by Shilen.  (Yes, I am aware I spend a little to much time on Etsy, but sometimes handmade is the best.)  This shop is great for geeky accessories, but what really caught my eye was the tiny witch hats.

There are more variations at Grace of the Goddess, but I thought these two really had the spirit of a witch.  I would love to see someone send in a picture or three of them sporting one of these awesome hats.  Preferably making a better face than previous witch hat models.

If you aren't into tiny witch hats, that is ok.  I have some other samples from Grace of the Goddess that I really liked:
Tiny Pink Goth Lolita Crown with Rose

Tiny Tea Hat

Quite the Elegance


While I have you attention, I'd like to remind everyone that we love hearing from you here at Tiny Hats Weekly.  If you have pictures of you and/or friends sporting tiny hats, know a shop that sells awesome tiny hats, or anything else that you think is relevant to this blog you can e-mail us at  You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up on the latest tiny hat news.  Peace. :-)

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  1. I'd just like to note that there is nothing wrong with etsy. ;)